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 What's for dinner? 

The answer wasn't all that difficult as long as someone was always home to cook. But today? Too often dinner becomes a quick trip to the fast food drive-thru, or something out of a box shoved into the microwave... usually containing a dozen ingredients you can't even pronounce. Or maybe just a bag of chips and that hummus you bought a week ago.

But now you can enjoy delicious, healthy meals in your home without having to do any of the work! Having a Personal Chef has become the choice of thousands of people, married and single, with or without children... people who love entertaining guests but who would rather spend the time with their friends than working in the kitchen.


Who would benefit from having a Personal Chef?

  • Busy men and women who just don't have time to plan, shop and cook.
  • Singles who love great food, but don't want to cook for one person.
  • Anyone who wants to come home to a delicious dinner... not something from a package.
  • People who love to eat, but don't love being in the kitchen.
  • Seniors, retirees, newlyweds, frequent travelers, new moms and dads...Why not give the gift of food?

Let Hullskitchen be your dinner solution! Chef David will custom design your menu according to your personal tastes, take care of all the grocery shopping, prepare your meals and store them in your fridge or freezer. It will probably cost a lot less than eating out, and you don't have to wait for a table or tip some guy to park your car.

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